We offer comprehensive care for graves in Suwalki and surrounding areas. Our services include: a wide range of activities, from cleaning and caring for tombstones to taking care of the grave surroundings.

opieka nad grobami - obslugiwane miasta

We wash and clean tombstones of various materials, remove moss, lichen and other dirt, and clean tombstone details by hand. We also offer polishing and maintenance of tombstones, as well as refreshing inscriptions.

We also take care of the grave's surroundings by cleaning the area around it, removing weeds and wilted flowers, raking and leveling the ground. We plant flowers and shrubs, take care of the candles and set the bouquets and flowers.

As additional services, we offer tombstone reconstruction and restoration, replacement of damaged elements, installation of benches and crosses, as well as assistance in selecting a gravestone.

In brief:

  • Professional cleaning of graves:
    • Single graves, double graves, tombs, urns, children's gra
    • Gravestones made of different materials (granite, marble, terrazzo)
    • Washing and cleaning one-time or as part of packages
  • Cleaning of gravestones:
    • Removal of old candles and flowers
    • Snow removal of monuments
    • Care of the surrounding area
  • Additional services:
    • Lighting of candles
    • Arranging flowers or bouquets
    • Polishing of to

Why choose us?

  • Experienced and qualified employees
  • Specialized equipment
  • Guarantee of an excellent final effect
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Possibility of reaching cemeteries in Suwalki and the vicinity .

Check the localities where we offer care of graves:

  • Localities near Suwałki: Krzywólka, Mała Huta, Krzywe, Okuniowiec, Osinki, Kuków, Zielone Królewskie, Bród Stary, Zielone Kamedulskie, Zielone Drugie, Huta, Kuków-Folwark, Sobolewo, Biała Woda, Bród Nowy, Wychodne, Dubowo Pierwszy, Kropiwne Nowe, Przebród,
  • Potasznia, Osowa, Płociczno-Osiedle, Gielniewo, Białorogi, Korkliny, Dubowo Drugie, Leszczewo, Płociczno-Tartak, Leszczewek, Prudziszki, Nowa Wieś, Żywa Woda, Poddubówek, Węgielnia, Turówka Nowa, Wasilczyki, Niemcowizna
  • Cities served: Bakalarzewo, Filipów, Jeleniewo, Krasnopol, Nowinka, Przerośl, Raczki, Suwałki, Szypliszki, Sejny, Rutka-Tartak, Augustów, Olecko, Wiżajny, Punsk, Ełk

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Contact information:

  • Phone: 507 771 954 (also WhatsApp)
  • Email: biuro@rzkwiaty.pl
  • Contact form .

The memory of loved ones is most important to us!