Różany Zakątek Kwiaciarnia Suwałki offers comprehensive grave cleaning services in Suwałki and surrounding areas, see where we offer the service. We make sure that the graves of your loved ones are always clean and neat, regardless of the season. Detailed price list of washing and cleaning of gravestones.


In short:

Basic grave cleaning service includes:

  • Removalof burnt and damaged candles: We take care of the aesthetic appearance of the grave and remove used candles that may spoil its appearance.


  • of wilted flowers and other plants/flowers and removal of leaves: Regular removal of wilted flowers and leaves is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent the spread of diseases and pests.

  • Tidying up the
  • area around the grave - removing weeds, trimming grasses and other plants: We keep the area around the grave tidy and remove weeds, trim grass and other plants to make the grave look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Sweeping the area around the gravestone
  • :
  • After removing the dirt, we sweep the area around the gravestone to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

  • In the
  • case of a grave with plants growing on it, we also remove weeds from the gravestone

: We

  • take care of the plants growing on the grave and remove weeds from them so that they can grow freely and decorate the grave.

  • Cleaning the gra


  • :
  • We remove dirt, dust and other debris from it.

  • Take a minimum of 4 photos to confirm the service (before and after) and send them via email (also other shipping options): After the cleaning service, we take 4 photos of the grave and send them to the customer via email. The customer can also choose another way to send the photos.

  • For each cleaning, you can additionally order the purchase of a candle or flowers
  • :
    • Upon request, we can purchase and place candles or flowers on the grave.

Additional information:

  • Price: the price of a single grave cleaning service is 105 PLN - a single gravestone or 125 PLN - a double gravestone. Cleaning of an urn tombstone or a child's tombstone or an urn tombstone is 90 PLN.
  • The price of cleaning a family tomb or a tombstone is determined after we get acquainted with the place.
  • Winter period
  • :
  • During the winter period, the basic service in exchange for washing and cleaning is snow removal from the grave with the placement of znic