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Freshening Up Your Home with Our Wide Selection of Freesias

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Flower box flowers in bloom

Our flower box "Flowers of bloom" is a composition full of colours...

From Price zł95.00
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  • Medium zł132.00
  • Large zł169.00
  • Deluxe zł205.00
  • Small zł95.00

Flower box naming delight

Our flower box "Name-day delight" is a real feast for the eyes and...

From Price zł149.00
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  • Medium zł189.00
  • Large zł225.00
  • Deluxe zł279.00
  • Small zł149.00

Bouquet in Wonderland

Insanely colourful in a mixed flower setting, decorated with contrasting...

From Price zł117.00
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  • Medium zł169.00
  • Large zł207.00
  • Deluxe zł274.00
  • Small zł117.00