Donice i osłonki

Różany Zakątek is a local florist in Suwałki, offering a wide selection of pots and covers for flowers. Our products are made from durable and ecological materials, providing long-term protection for your plants. In our offer you will find pots of different sizes and shapes, adapted to the needs of different plant species. Covers, on the other hand, will allow you to protect your flowers from atmospheric conditions such as frost or rain. We kindly invite you to visit our florist and take advantage of our offer.

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Herbal stand

The herb stand is a practical and stylish decorative piece that allows...

Price zł79.00

Pot holder bucket

The bucket-shaped pot casing is an original and stylish decorative...

Price zł20.00

Plastic casing with...

Osłonka plastikowa z wzorem kwiatu monstery to produkt przeznaczony...

From Price zł7.00
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  • Brown zł7.00
  • Blue zł7.00

Plastic cover with design

The patterned plastic casing is a product designed to decorate flower...

From Price zł7.00
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  • Grey zł7.00
  • White zł7.00